'Bout Time I Blogged!

Well, I think I’ve done just about everything else possible for a photographer to do online (created several websites, done a couple podcasts, sold prints via eBay, created and sold six books, sold hundreds of prints to over 180 collectors worldwide, and a whole lot more), so it’s about time I began blogging, too.

First, then, a brief autobiographical introduction. Photography is my fourth career. The first three don’t matter any longer, since I’ve been photographing seriously since 2001 (actually starting with my first SLR in 1969). I started doing fine art nudes in 2001, and really seriously (including selling prints) in 2003.

Nudes now constitute about 75% of my output, and I love it! My models love how I photograph them. And, judging by purchases by my collectors, a lot of other people appreciate what I’m doing, too. You can see more detail regarding some of this activity via the links shown at right.

My work is 100% digital, and has been since 2000. I’ve worked my way through four digital SLRs, starting with the Canon D30 and now using the 12 mp Canon 5D. Lenses are too numerous to mention. I’ve worked with over forty models in hundreds of sessions. Most of my work is in studio, although there have been a substantial number of outdoor and on-location shoots. I do love B&W, so many photos are monochromatic. I occasionally dabble in work that has a tinge of eroticism, but that work is only available online to collectors who have purchased what I call my “Premium Prints” — archival pigment prints in formats ranging from 8×12 to 16×24.

Did I mention, I really love making prints?!

My early posts here will be more retrospective, showing some of my favorite imagery from the last five years. As new shoots occur, those will be featured.

So this photograph, Bridget 15, was taken during the first session with Bridget, a model who returned repeatedly. Bridget was an amateur who only worked with me, compact (4’11″), wonderfully enthusiastic, taut as a violin’s E-string, and a repeat subject in print and online (over 50 images online in Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes).

More soon ….

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