Down Day

Muslim women are chattel, and every Muslim girl must be a virgin at marriage.


Under Shari’a, a Muslim woman is effectively the property of her father, brothers, uncles, grandfathers.  These men are her guardians, responsible for her behavior, in charge of her choices.  Above all, she must remain sexually pure.


The fundamentalists seem haunted by the female body and neurotically debate which fractions of it should be covered, until they declare the while thing, from head to toe, a gigantic private part.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nomad: From Islam
to America: A Personal Journey
Through the Clash of Civilizations

Jesse & the Chair

A down day today, as was yesterday.  Some reading — I’ll probably finish the book I’ve been extracting from as above — and I’ve begun preparing a basic dSLR workshop for the fall.  I’m finding it will be a challenge to cover basic operations of four types of dSLRs in three hours.


Nicely Put Department

A nice, brief column by Radley Balko speaking up for the successes of American Muslims and their largely impressive integration into American life.

I’m unsure, however, but that Radley may be viewing this from the 20,000 foot level, or if he is down in the trenches with enough Muslims to know whereof he speaks.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali is nowhere nearly so sanguine, at least as concerns treatment of Muslim women in newly immigrated cultures, like the Somali in our own Minneapolis backyard, who at least by my street observation appear very little integrated into the society into which they have moved.

Meanwhile, a NY Times editorial buttressing President Obama’s support for the Islamic Cultural Center, and taking reactionary Republicans to task for their fearmongering and inflammatory rhetoric.


This is Ground Zero Department

A nice collection of photos showing what else may be found within easy walking distance of Ground Zero — seems to me that an Islamic Community Center would be an improvement.


She was inventive with this repeatedly-used prop.

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