En Route

[T]he tightly inward-looking focus of traditional societies impedes their members from progressing in the modern world, for it prevents them from making bonds outside their clan.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nomad: From Islam
to America: A Personal Journey
Through the Clash of Civilizations


Steadily working our way north from Alabama.  We made it as far as Nashville last night, and will make it the rest of the way today.

Driving this truck is not especially challenging, unless the wind is blowing — we did have one spell of some monsoon-like rain with gale force winds, and the truck rather shimmied a bit.

I do have a comment to render regarding Delta Airlines and the flight down, but it is associated with a photograph that I’ve not yet retrieved from my camera, so that must wait.


Justice Denied (Elsewhere) Department

After yesterday’s recitation of some U.S. instances of justice denied, we learned of another instance pointing up weaknesses in the Japanese criminal justice system via Saturday’s NY Times:  “Falsely Convicted, Freed and No Longer Quiet.”  The Japanese have prided themselves in “solving” crimes and obtaining “confessions” from the guilty so that trials are perfunctory and almost all crimes are solved.  There have been other stories of similar treatment, but this one is especially instructive:

After 13 hours of interrogation [in 1991], during which Mr. Sugaya says the police kicked his shins and shouted at him, he tearfully admitted to that murder and to killing two other girls. He was convicted of one murder and sentenced to life in prison. But last year, after prosecutors admitted that his confession was a fabrication made under duress and that a DNA test used as evidence had been wrong, Mr. Sugaya was released. A court later acquitted him.


It’s Rather Telling When the Evidence is Hanging Right There on The Wall Department

More developments in the “lost” Ansel Adams negatives saga:  a woman has turned up who has a print made from one of the negatives framed and hanging on her wall.  It’s identical to the negative, down to the dust-spots.  Problem is, it was taken by her Uncle Earl.  I think that $200 million estimate for prints made from the negatives might be adjusted now — downward.  Story here.


Bloomberg is My Hero — At Least for Now — Department

Nice article about the roots of Mayor Bloomberg’s support for the Islamic community center proposed for lower Manhattan.


Fun with forms.

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