I Want …

Mayla’s Torso 19

… a hot fudge sundae.  A California burger and french fries.  Risotto cooked with Gorgonzola cheese.  Southern fried chicken.  Fettuccine Alfredo.  Sole meuniere.  Eggs Benedict.  Cinnamon french toast slathered with butter and maple syrup.

Fat.  Sugar.  Carbs.  All that good stuff.

This diet is killing me!


Gay Marriage Fiction Department

We saw The Kids Are All Right a couple nights ago.  A sometimes touching, a little bit poignant, and an overall enjoyable romantic comedy that does about as much for lesbian marriage and parenthood as one might ask.  Annette Bening is great as the dominant partner, yet she was vulnerable to the vicissitudes of her long-term relationship.  The affair Juliette Moore stumbled into was a bit of a cop-out — if as a lesbian she was going to have a fling, shouldn’t it be with another woman?  That would not have served the movie’s comedic goals.

If this movie sees wide distribution, it could do more for the cause of gay marriage than any number of protests and lawsuits.


Up, Up and Away Department

The blog hit over 860 visits two days ago.  Thank you all!  Hope you found enough of interest to stay around for awhile.


Lake Harriet Journal Department

Another update with additional photos, the last for awhile:

  • Generally, starting here.
  • Mothers’ Beach, starting here.
  • Ducks & Geese Galore, one only here.

Lake Harriet JournalBoys & Tree


Police Lose Evidence Department

Radley Balko lists a number of incidents where video made by cops — you know, from the likes of dashboard cameras — has mysteriously disappeared, turned up erased, or has been otherwise unavailable for use by defendants.


The Fourth Amendment and Privacy Department

Informative analysis by Julian Sanchez from The Cato Institute regarding a recent case setting forth a “mosaic theory” of privacy, centering around whether the government may track a vehicle for a long period of time using GPS tracking equipment but without a search warrant.  The court said they cannot.

Sanchez’s extends his analysis to encompass CCTV observations of a mass of people, which, he seems to argue, if done over time and the results aggregated such that movements of individuals may be pervasively tracked, would constitute another Fourth Amendment infringement.

I’d guess this one will reach the Supreme Court.


There apparently will be no new Mayla (except here).

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7 Responses to I Want …

  1. Lin says:

    Re diet, I know what you mean! My younger son has just baked some double chocolate brownies this afternoon (he’s a great chef!) They are fresh out of the oven and the chocolaty smell is wafting through the house. It’s killing me.

    Your Lake Harriet journal photography really shines, BTW. Very highly recommended.

    • Stephen says:

      Damn! Salivary glands kicked in — “double chocolate brownies” — so impossible on so many levels (except this diet does in fact include dark chocolate).

      Thanks for the kind words about the Journal. Will be taking my G11 to Alabama tomorrow, so we’ll see what photos may result from my trip.

  2. Dave Rudin says:

    And you wonder why you’re on Lipitor???

  3. Stephen says:

    Ha, ha, Dave. Yes, I am, but a side effect of the diet will surely be very good cholesterol readings (in fact, the Lipitor is prophylactic because of the Type 2 diabetes — my HDL/LDL readings were never that dangerous in the first place; the diet has also resulted in consistently lower blood sugar readings). Such are the complications of getting older.

  4. I love “Boys and Tree.” Such a beautiful b/w, kind of Tom Sawyer in feeling.

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