‘Bye, For Now

Allison in the Art Room 18

I’m taking a break.

For an indefinite period.

I’ve been at this on virtually a daily basis since November 2006, and it’s time to stop, reflect, regroup, and reconsider.

Many, many and profound thanks to those of you who have stuck with me through that period. (And boos to Google’s perfidy, which by “disappearing” me has assured that few find me — and that about which I write — that don’t already know I’m here.)

I’ve got a bunch of reading to do (some books I’ve mentioned, others I’ve not), and some absences planned over the next six months, with all of which I’ll not bore you in weeks and months ahead.

To photographers here and abroad (especially in Britain) who face officious interference and harassment, or who are tireless (and fearless) in recording cops acting badly, best wishes. If anything were to bring me back, these would be the subjects. (Or Section 2257, which appears to be dormant during the pendency of the current lawsuit.)

Stay tuned to this channel; when and if I return, I’ll announce it here first.


Allison, fittingly, whom I photographed first in 2006, and most recently only a month ago or so..

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0 Responses to ‘Bye, For Now

  1. Lin says:

    My dearest Stephen, I will miss your daily thoughts very much. You have enriched the blogosphere with your wisdom, wit and eloquence, not to mention your stunning photography.Enjoy your hiatus – you have earned a good long break from this (at times, rather peculiar) online world.You will always remain my friend, that much I promise you. Keep in touch :-)

  2. I really don't know how you've done it on a daily basis for so long. I tried to post every day when I started my blog and after about a year I had to back off because the blog was coming to control my life. Please let me suggest that you continue to post, but only when you feel like it. I think that will liberate you from the tyranny of daily posts and still allow you to express yourself here…and continue to allow us the opportunity to read your insightful commentary from time to time. There is no rule that says you must post every day.Also, you might consider doing what I've done re the google issues. Just move your blog to your own website. WordPress is pretty easy to use and set up. You already have the site up and running…just add the blog and be out from under google's thumb. I see more and more bloggers who I follow leaving blogspot all the time.

  3. george says:

    First Lin and now you – the top 2 spots on my blog list…..and I even got a (non-photography) job inquiry this morning…..maybe somebody's trying to tell me something…Seriously, enjoy your "time off" but come back when you can.

  4. Karl says:

    Have a good and well earned break. I hope you come back to the blog world again.

  5. Bill Ballard says:

    Yes, enjoy your time away.I tried the same thing, but it didn't work. I'm back at it, sort of. While I didn't take a break necessarily from the blog, I did take a break from the camera, which is what was needed.Best to you and yours -

  6. Very sorry to see you go… out of all the blogs I follow, there are only 3 to which I pay any real attention, of which yours is there. I really hope that you come back soon after your break… or better still, take the advice of another commenter and posts every now and then when you've got something you really want to say. Looking forward to your return, and wishing you all the best… SadisticScribbler

  7. Gary M Photo says:

    You've earned some time off. Enjoy the real world for a while. Thanks for everything!!

  8. Thanks to all for your positive and supportive comments. Keep up the good fight! (And the good photos!)

  9. Dave Rudin says:

    The way that you've been writing, Stephen, you deserve some time off. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  10. Jim Harkins says:

    I'll miss your posts Stephen – oftentimes they've been the highlight of my day. I understand the tyranny of the daily posting requirement and hope you come back and post intermittently after a hiatus.

  11. Thanks again for the comment on my blog. I felt inclined to mention so on my next post, as well. I sincerely hope you are productive in the time away, but it is also the collective desire of this community that you begin again in the not so distant future. Be well.

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