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Ibsen Updated Department

Last night was Dollhouse at the Guthrie, Rebecca Gilman’s updating of the Ibsen classic, “A Doll’s House.” The new version is set in 2004 in a post-Enron world, and Nora and her husband own a classy condominium on the west side of Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The dialog is brought up to date, but many of the dilemmas — and Nora’s plight — remain the same.

The ending, however, was distinctly 21st Century. Enjoyable, with biting commentary on the lives we live.


Exodus Revisited Department

Does anyone other than me see an eerie resemblance between the Turkish and Irish ships trying to run the Gaza blockade and efforts by Jews to reach Palestine in the 1940s, when the roles of today’s Israelis were played by British troops acting under the League of Nations mandate?


Today’s Quiz Department

Quick: where was this photo taken (double-click to see full sized)?

The answer will amaze you!


Washington Times Chimes In Department

The Washington Times, not usually my favorite rag, has chimed in on one of the more egregious recent incidents of applying wiretap statutes to citizen filming of police activity.

[I]t is troubling that police and prosecutors have the ability to lob such serious charges against citizens for exposing questionable official conduct to public scrutiny. The legislature should strip prosecutors of this authority by clarifying that the public has the right to use video to hold public servants accountable for their official conduct.


Catie from a recent session.

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  1. What a brilliant way to stage "A Doll's House." I really wish I could have seen it! When I saw your post summary on my reader I wondered how the play would seem relevant at the present moment. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dollhouse Study Guide. A nice overview of both productions, including a bare-bones summary of Gilman's play.

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