We Are Well and Truly Hung

Victoria High Key 22

Just a brief note that we’ve hung the 100+ photos at “The Nude in Minnesota III.” If I had to bet, Lars Michael will be this year’s star. Friend Dave agrees with me.


Ah, beautiful and evocative Victoria.

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  1. Lin says:

    Good luck with the exhibition. May you have many orders – and print sales!

  2. Thanks, Lin! It's worth the price of admission (well, considerably more) just to have Dave here in residence for a couple days. I like that guy!We're off this morning to buy crackers, soda, water, deli fixings. Bought $130 of cheese yesterday — that's always a hit. BTW, my favorite English cheese, Stichelton, of which I've written before, is now available at our local cheesemonger. Expensive but Oh so good.

  3. Bill Ballard says:

    Ain't it fun?? I always say, when ramping up to the hang date, "I'll never do another show! What a pain!" Then, after the opening, I'm thinking of and planning the next one…Best successes to all -

  4. I hope the show is a great success for all of you.

  5. george says:

    Have a great time Stephen. Don't forget to move your cheese occasionally.

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