Victoria and Fabrics 18

Rather a melange of things here today.

First, it’s Saturday, so that means it’s the Met on the radio at noon. That would normally be a ho-hum (and probably is for most of you), but I’d listen dutifully and enjoy whatever they were performing.

Today is special, however, since James Valenti is performing Alfredo in La Traviata. First, I know him and have photographed him. Second, he has risen from a Minnesota Opera Resident Artist in 2002 to debuting at the Met in this production. Nothing short of amazing. He has a severe case of stage fright — I hope he shines.

Next, I finished the prints yesterday. They all came through in great shape, and I didn’t have to reprint a single one of them, which is some kind of accomplishment in its own right. So they’ve been packed up and are ready to take to Gallery 332 for hanging in less than two weeks.

Our weather has been beautiful here, at least for the last two days. Temps will continue in the sixties and seventies with no rain forecast. Trees are all leafing out. Since I’ve walked each of the last three days, time for another “Lake Harriet Journal” update.

So, click on the image above to pick up with the new photos.


Victoria playing along while I experimented with colors and motion.

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  1. Lin says:

    Love the dog photo. It made me smile. We have beautiful skies and spectacular sunsets here too. Oh and ash. Lots of ash. Our cars and windows are covered in it. Yeuch!

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