American National Ballet – To the Moon
Not much if anything of note.

Spent hours yesterday afternoon waiting for a model to show; she had said she had a court date that would interfere with our 2 p.m. scheduled shoot, but it turned out to be more like three hours later she showed up. The wait was worth it, however. Halley. A gal with some dance training that really showed. Very stylized poses, requiring not much input or corrective direction from me. I’ve looked through the results and will definitely be showing something from the shoot in days ahead.

I did spend a part of the afternoon downtime switching credit card billing info for all my various periodic billing accounts (the old account being dead due to more fraudulent charges). (Couldn’t figure how to change the CC info on FedEx, however — their “account management” pages are a practical demonstration of a huge tautology!) Such a major pain! A number of charges made on the old card have not appeared on either the old or new account, which leads to the question: where in credit neverneverland are they, really? I’m sure some of those merchants will eventually catch up with us, but some might just be out of luck for not posting their charges in a timely manner. Tough luck, guys — I’m only too pleased to share the pain.

And then there are taxes. I received the final set of 1099s I’ve been waiting for, so I should be able to deal with the whole mess this weekend. The good news is that doing my taxes myself, I don’t have to pay an accountant for the “privilege” of paying over to the government. The bad news is that I don’t have an accountant to do the drudge work for me.


One of my favorite dance photos, taken of a young performer in the now defunct American National Ballet. Even notwithstanding its slight technical defect — the cropped finger. (Click on image to see full size.)

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