Rachel 5

Rachel was a new, young model eager to do artistic nudes nicely. She came to me via One Model Place, and we got along famously.

I normally don’t much like tattoos. I was entranced by the twisted vine running up her left flank, however (she vowed she will fill in the gap between where the tattoo ends on her upper calf and the main body of the artwork on her side). It was really beautifully done, and also actually complemented her body’s natural curves. So I featured it in the vast majority of her photos.


This week has been really intense, at least as far as sessions with new models are concerned. Three models, three sessions, in two days. Each session has been very rewarding, each with a very different kind of model (a fourth session was scheduled for this morning, but the model had an accident and had to cancel). All models came to me from Model Mayhem, the first of them being Scarlet, whom you see here. What a vivacious young lady! And great natural and developed modeling skills. She had a tendency to go in the “glamour” direction, so we kind of compromised in many of the shots.

I’ll be working on the other photos, but I don’t know if many will show up here before the first week in September. Too many factors complicate my life just now, some of which will be disclosed shortly. Fortunately, however, some of the complications are as beautiful as Scarlet here.

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