Lauren at Home (Third Time Around)

Lauren at Home 97

Lauren moved out of apartment #2. So that led to apartment #3 on the west side of St. Paul. We worked primarily in a corner from which all furnishings had been removed, leaving it much like a studio space. Some interesting stuff, and Lauren was in great shape. (She reported recently that she’s added substantially to the corner’s furnishings, so replicating this series would now be difficult.)


Two sessions yesterday with new models Scarlet and Kat Anonymous, both coming via Model Mayhem, yielded some good stuff, I think, although some of it was fairly formulaic. Another session today, and one tomorrow, make my plate very full, and I’ll be lucky if even a single pic is shown here before September, since we leave on a trip east early next week. But I’ll try.

I’m also looking forward to Friday, when we find at a local theater the large-screen premiere of Eloquent Nude, the biopic with late-in-life reminiscences of Charis Wilson of her life and times as model, lover, wife, and then ex-wife of Edward Weston. As a coincidence, I am taking Lauren (above) to the show, my wife being in Colorado at a workshop coincident with daughter Emily’s second week there.

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