Something Different

Short Story 12

This brief scène followed yesterday’s post as the second set of our duo session. Short Story 12 is actually the final image in the set. The story provided an interlude between longer photo strings.

Other photographers are very successful in capturing intimacy between two models, even two models who had not worked together previously. Just consider the work of D. Brian Nelson posted in Hotel Room Nudes. With only this single session to my credit, there’s clearly opportunity for more exploration.

Speaking of icons (which I wasn’t, but what the hell!), if you are about ten years older than me (meaning in your early 70s) you might even remember this artifact, but otherwise it may just be one of those things known of vaguely but never experienced first-hand: the 1954 calendar on which Marilyn Monroe first appeared, nude. Now’s your chance, however: included in Christie’s May 30 auction is an actual copy of that calendar, and the price is actually fairly decent. Check it out! Bid, even! (It ain’t fine art, but then little was in those days.)

Watched Frida last night, for the umpteenth time. Aside from the story, which is carried off very nicely by Salma Hayek, I noticed for the first time the character Ashley Judd plays: Tina Modotti. As a student of photography will recognize, Modotti, a beautiful woman born in Italy, was an accomplished photographer in her own right, one of Edward Weston’s models and lovers, and intertwined with the California/Mexico circle of photographers and artists that included Kahlo and Diego Rivera. (In the scene where we meet Modotti (Judd), Rivera also mentions Manuel Alvarez Bravo — if you don’t know his work, including some striking nudes, much of it may be seen on the Internet.) To read more about the photographic and personal relationships among Weston, Modotti and another female photographer named Margrethe Mather, I suggest Margrethe Mather and Edward Weston: A Passionate Collaboration.

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