A Reminder of Whence We Come

Variation on Bridget 25

The camera is a portal on others’ worlds.

Sometimes, however, we should turn it about and remind ourselves of our lives of luxury and privilege. Accordingly, today’s sole photo, below, is such a portrait of someone else’s personification of this photographer’s world.

The day was long, including a visit to Barra de Navidad, a very tourist-oriented local town up the coast from Manzanillo. Principal purpose for the trip: to shop. At least for the women in our group. (My shopping was limited to accidentally — clumsily — kicking a terra cotta lizard in one market vendor’s display, breaking it, and thus buying it.) I do have photos from the visit, and will offer them tomorrow, but our own day was long, then we had guests for dinner, and I retired early — so no photo processing yesterday.

The photo below was taken during lunch at a local exclusive golf resort — El Tamarindo — a place that is truly divorced from Mexican reality. But then aren’t all golf resorts divorced from reality? (Lunch was delightful, including some of the best calamari I’ve had since Sorrento six years ago, and that second margarita mellowed us out for the hour’s drive back home.)


Playing with Photoshop and a beautiful, diminutive model.

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