You May Photograph; Just Don’t Photograph Too Much

Mayla & the Chair 12

Notices may be found posted on Chicago Transit Authority property and trains that ask passengers to report to CTA authorities if they observe:

  • Unattended packages
  • Someone acting suspiciously
  • A non-CTA employee on tracks
  • Noxious smells or smoke
  • Excessive photographing/filming

What really makes this ridiculous is that the CTA officially permits photography on its facilities:

The general public is permitted to use hand-held cameras to take photographs, capture digital images, and videotape within public areas of CTA stations and transit vehicles for personal, non-commercial use.

Now we may expect a rash of citizen reports of one or another photographer taking an “excessive” number of photographs. Like terrorists need to take more than one photograph to case a joint.

I hope someone reports on an incident of a CTA employee approaching and inquiring about the number of photographs being taken. Of course, for each one reported, a larger number will go unreported, but the harassment will still have occurred.


Today being a holiday, no one from Qwest will be out to restore my DSL. Bah!


Another from our very recent session. I am so very pleased to be working with Mayla.

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