I’m Hung

Carissa High Key 35

Friend Rachel and I began transporting prints to Hopkins about 8 a.m. yesterday morning. It required two loads, as expected. Hanging the thirty-eight went smoothly. Two levels, with a long wall on each. We finished at about 1:30. That was a marathon, but it all looks pretty good.

It is certainly the most extensive show of my work to date, and that includes either of The Nude in Minnesota exhibits. Many friends have said they are coming Thursday eve (“friends” who never show up for TNIM openings).


Most Attractive Male Model Over 60 Department

I think I have a wider readership than friend Dave, so I’ll trumpet for him his ascendancy to modeling stardom. Check him out (all of him) on Model Mayhem.

I can’t think of another male photographer who’s done this (lots of female photographers — or at least female models-evolved-into-photographers).


As If Life Weren’t Already Complicated Department

News from wife Patricia in Michigan that she stepped on a piece of loose pavement and, at a minimum, twisted her ankle. She’s in a half cast, using crutches. And not driving. Which, for now, means not driving home anytime soon.

When the swelling goes down, they’ll x-ray to determine if it’s a break, a sprain, or only a twisted ankle.

Might have to enjoy my own cooking for awhile longer. (Dave and I will enjoy steaks tomorrow evening after the reception.)


The black gloves were Carissa’s idea. They worked.

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