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All’s Well

Just for the six or so of you who are interested, the epidural procedure appears to have gone perfectly. Needle went in, and assisted by real-time X-Rays was sited immediately adjacent to the nerve root. Injection in, and it was … Continue reading


Future Think

T.R. Low Key A watershed approaches — not soon, but soon enough.  We will be selling our present house and moving.  The reasons are simple:  1) it’s too large for just the two of us; 2) it’s fairly expensive to … Continue reading

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Religious Practice is Religious Belief Made Manifest

Allison & Mirrors 25 The world’s societies practice five major — and a slew of minor — religions.  Among the minor ones are a variety of beliefs that physical objects contain spirits and other forms of animism, ranging from Shintoism … Continue reading


State Fair Deferred

Kat at Home 11 Normally, yesterday might have been my State Fair day.  Temperatures did get into the mid- to upper-80s, but humidity was low and I knew the crowds would have been enormous.  But there was no way — … Continue reading


The Root of It All

Body Viewpoint From my internist: I reviewed the MRI scan and it appears that there is a nerve root that is most probably causing your symptoms. …  Now that we have something to treat, I would start with an epidural … Continue reading

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From Chiropractor to MRI

Classic Tara 17 The chiropractic treatment was effective but temporary.  As had my MD, the chiropractor recommended I have an MRI to rule out “nerve impingement.”  If there is in fact “NI” there is an appropriate medical treatment.  All of … Continue reading


Visit to a Chiropractor — Introit

Olivia Finale 28 Off to the chiropractor this morning in hopes she can ameliorate — actually, I hope, eliminate — the leg/hip pains that have recently debilitated me.  I tried walking around the lake yesterday and got about 100 yards … Continue reading

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EleAnn Nothing much of note this morning.  I’m contemplating a longer piece based on the aphorism (of my invention), “religious practice is religious belief made manifest.”  Inspired by the Ayaan Hirsi Ali book I’ve excerpted several times over the past … Continue reading

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How to Criminalize a Non-Crime

Brooke Rotates This really chaps my ass. Suppose you are a young and clueless man walking down the street in Brooklyn (NYC).  In your pocket but not in view you have less than 25 grams (approximately 0.9 ounces) marijuana in … Continue reading


The Innocence Project

There are 13.5 million women in Saudi Arabia. [There] you are essentially under permanent house arrest. …. There are 34 million women in Iran. [There] you may be married legally when you are nine; on the order of a judge, … Continue reading

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