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Lindsey F 10 Returned from NYC late last night, to find wonderfully cool weather. “Good sleeping weather,” as we are fond of saying. Which we did. So nothing of note to speak on this morning. I’ll be working today getting … Continue reading

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Stonewall Riots Plus Forty

Erin 35 Much has been made in some media recently that this is the fortieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. I, along I suspect with 100% of the rest of you, were totally unaware of their happening at the time, … Continue reading

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She Spoke to Me

Hard Key Brooke 2 She spoke to me. Lauren Hutton spoke to me. She said, “Sorry,” as she inadvertently obstructed my view of a painting in the Met’s Francis Bacon exhibit. (The exhibit is magnificent — clearly the best retrospective … Continue reading

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What Thou Sowest, So Shall Thou Reap

Lindsey F 2 Gail Collins in yesterday’s NY Times: On behalf of the people of Illinois and New York, I’d like to thank South Carolina for giving us Mark (“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife”) Sanford. Finally, a governor who’s … Continue reading

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Two Dreams

Meg Two really weird dreams two nights ago that are still ringing in memory: In the first, I kept worrying about the “ansible.” Now, if you’ve not heard about the ansible, you’re to be forgiven, for it is a plot … Continue reading

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RIP Kodachrome

Intensity 8-3 Perhaps the only thing I need write is this: I have Kodachrome slides taken in the mid-60s whose colors are as vibrant and true today as the day I first received them from the processor. Mike Johnson covers … Continue reading

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Touch 4-6 Catching up today. We returned to 90-degree heat, and today promises to be just as nasty. In fact there is a heat warning from 10 a.m. until sometime tonight, which means I’ll likely not get out to walk. … Continue reading

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Beulah, a Moribund Town

Fiona 22 A brief post again today, as we are enroute back to Minneapolis. Did want to post some panoramas taken of my downtown Saturday. These are the same two blocks of the business district, both sides of the street, … Continue reading

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My Aged Mother

Classic Kat 13 Not everyone has an opportunity to experience extreme aging, even in others. Parents may be relatively short-lived, with the majority these days dying before the age of 85. Some, like my father, go prematurely – he died … Continue reading

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Jessika at Home 19 A very brief post this morning. A comment posted to friend Dave’s blog deserves mention here, if for no other reason than to show how much things have changed (or at least I think they have … Continue reading

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