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Firewood for the Holidays, and Beyond

Meg at Home 3-14 A fellow knocked on our door last night, mid-evening. I’d normally be reticent about answering at that hour, but he looked respectable in a northwoods sort of way. So I opened it, whereupon he handed me … Continue reading

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The Paragon of Virtue

Compact Meg A Semi-Nude Minor? In The Times? It’s not my headline, it’s the NY Times’s, atop an article by the Times’s Public Editor in Sunday’s Op-Ed pages. The gist of his article was to question the propriety and even … Continue reading

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Arbus Archives to the Met

Lauren Nothing of particular note this morning. Just Lauren’s beautiful form facing away from us. (I wish I had lit her hair better.) That at least is what I wrote before opening this morning’s NY Times to find that the … Continue reading

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Profligate Republicans

Apollo’s Hammer Presidential candidate Joe Biden made a seemingly throw-away comment the other day that rang a bell. He said something to the effect that the Republicans have driven the deficit so high that Democrats now in power find it … Continue reading

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Met Opera in Minneapolis, Review

Angelique 1-39 Well, the Metropolitan Opera gets a “C” for yesterday’s performance of Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette seen at a local multiplex. Actually, to distribute both credit and blame, the Met gets an “A-” or at worst a “B+” for … Continue reading

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Met Opera in Minneapolis

Africa 9 I’m going to the opera today. The Metropolitan Opera. I’m driving there this morning. And I’m not traveling more than ten miles from my home here in Minneapolis. I’ll be attending one of the live HiDef telecasts the … Continue reading

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La Belle Vie

Bridget on the Edge 5 Yesterday evening was the first of two December dinners at La Belle Vie. Long-time readers of this blog will of course know the name (and perhaps be bored unto death of the dining accounts). This … Continue reading

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That of Which Edgar Rice Borroughs Never Dreamed

Monday Morning Market Some things just boggle the mind, even after all the astounding advances in science of the past few decades. One such instance is found in the following image (click to see full size): Do you know what … Continue reading

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One Way to Stop Creationism

Lauren in Sunshine 16 Did you read about Christine Castillo Comer, ex-Director of Science at the Texas Education Agency (the agency in charge of, among other things, ordering the textbooks to be used by all Texas elementary and secondary students, … Continue reading

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Trimming Down

Paige 24 I’ve pretty much decided to trim down. Not my body (though lord knows it could use it), but my website. There’s just too much stuff there, and especially for work prior to 2005, much of it has grown … Continue reading

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