Monthly Archives: May 2007

Nikki – Another Newbie

Nikki 22 I find it eternally fascinating how each new model brings her own interpretation of standard poses, not to mention that each new face and new body are so different under the strobes. So it was with Nikki. A … Continue reading

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Street Ethics – An Occasional Digression

Amber Fort 5 The “grab shot.” The “stolen shot.” I’m walking along, see a photogenic opportunity off to the side, turn, compose, focus, and take a couple frames, maybe three. With luck, one of them will stand out from the … Continue reading

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Something Different

Short Story 12 This brief scène followed yesterday’s post as the second set of our duo session. Short Story 12 is actually the final image in the set. The story provided an interlude between longer photo strings. Other photographers are … Continue reading

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