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Over the Edge

Frustration 15 Here’s the story. Erin and I had already had two sessions, and it was obvious that she was quite liberal regarding more explicit photography. Anticipating a third session, I wrote her suggesting a couple ideas, including: 2) Doing … Continue reading

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The Arrogance of Imperfect Knowledge – and a Lightroom Postscript

Classic Tara 9 I teach fairly frequent workshops at a well-respected local art center. The subjects range from the basic (“Travel Photography”) to the advanced (“Photoshop”). In my Photoshop workshop, in the very first session, I stress the importance of … Continue reading

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Fee vs. Prints

Sophia 19 Sophia came to me for one simple reason: to document her body. She wanted only one form of compensation: prints. I offer all my models a choice of a monetary fee or prints. Over 90% of the time, … Continue reading

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Modeling, Chemistry and Dominance

Jesse on White 3 I purposefully illustrate this posting with a photograph of a model with whom I believe I achieved great chemistry, Jesse. Jesse is a self-described nomad who makes her entire living from modeling, including a prodigious portfolio … Continue reading

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Classic Abigail

Classic Abigail 3 In addition to Abigail’s innate beauty and this pose’s power, there’s a compositional element at work here that students of art will appreciate: the repeated form. In this case, triangles. Major triangular shapes of her torso and … Continue reading

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Is It Porn If Associated With Porn?

Dancing in Place 40 I am purposefully illustrating this posting with one of the more innocuous (albeit striking in an understated way, IMHO) nudes I’ve ever photographed. (It is presently on display as part of a faculty show where I … Continue reading

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Meg, Explicitly — and Then An Anna Nicole Digression

Meg 17 Meg did not like explicit photography. She felt her “female bits” were unattractive, and just did not like “spread” photography of herself. The above is about as explicit as she would allow. The few times I photographed her … Continue reading

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The Age of Consent — And Beyond

Donna 8-9 [This is a coordinated posting: Iris Dassault on her blog (now removed) is addressing much the same topic today, but from the model's viewpoint.] I start this post by a return to Donnatella, who I believe is the … Continue reading

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The REALLY Nude Nude

Tabatha 16 I posted this photo very early in this blog’s life with the title The Price of Nudity. I thought it also appropriate for today’s entry, however, so for those who saw it before (and remember it), apologies for … Continue reading

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