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Just Another Photo

Pistol 3-10 Another from last month’s shoots with Pistol. I’m still amazed at the number of superb photos we made together. Of course, her bald head injected an exotic element to the session, but the energy and intelligence with which … Continue reading

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"Classic" Nudes

Lace 1 This is a very early photo. The model was Kelley. The inspiration was Greek statuary. The photograph makes unnecessary a comment I might make that Kelley had a very statuesque form. I’ve compared this to Classical Greek statues … Continue reading

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Stephen Haynes, MacArthur Fellow — NOT!

Body Viewpoint 16 You’ve heard of them, right? The so-called “genius grants.” MacArthur Fellowships. Somehow I doubt that any of us who photograph female nudes will ever find ourselves on the receiving end of that telephone call that begins, “Congratulations….” … Continue reading

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Faerie 12 Abigail’s and my third session. Halloween 2003 was approaching, and we decided to have some fun. She had these huge fairy wings, and I had some feathered masks. She had a gorgeous body, and I had the camera … Continue reading

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Prints – The Power and the Glory

Flemish Light 4 Thousands of you — no, rather, millions of you — have never experienced the visceral thrill of owning a fine art photographic print. Now, obviously, I mention this in part because that means that dozens, hundreds, or … Continue reading

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Manipulating Reality

My Olympia Variation You may recall that I posted this photo awhile ago. I’m posting this variation to make a point: I manipulate reality. More specifically, I exercise artistic license to manipulate the photographs I take. I’ve said this before. … Continue reading

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The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming!

Different 19 Variation This installment’s title may be lost on many of you. Writing from the vantage point of my seventh decade, it has multiple layers of humor and memory. The short version is that “The Russians are Coming, The … Continue reading

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The Loop Used Differently

K24 Here I used the paper loop differently, framing the model’s torso. “K” was another amateur model coming to me to experience modeling nude, but asking to remain anonymous. We worked on two occasions, with some good photography resulting. I … Continue reading

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At Home With Digital Noise

The Corner IV I’ll get to this photo in just a second, but first a brief digression into technology. Digital noise is frequently the bane of available-light digital photographers. First there are the notoriously noisy point-and-shoot cameras. Their problem stems … Continue reading

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Long Hair or Short

Megan 1 I love long hair — if the model has it under control. In effect, it often becomes a prop in its own right. In previous posts I’ve offered models with all manner of hair styles, with Pistol and … Continue reading

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