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If no Adam or Eve, Wherefor Original Sin?

Edith I suppose one may look at the Genesis story in one of three ways:  1) literal truth as to the origin of the world and of mankind; 2) a religious allegory with basic theologically-accepted judgmental truths; or 3) another … Continue reading

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Google’s at it Again!

Amanda I went to use Google yesterday and found an announcement of their digital image search feature.  It thought, great!  Initially, I used it to see if anyone had uploaded and identified some of those 19th century photographs of unnamed … Continue reading

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Closer My God to Thee

Erin M On my way to Michigan today.  A twelve-hour drive, with a few breaks.  This is the third time doing it in as many months, the last time (as those who are regular readers will remember) having been for … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else See the Absurdity Here?

Cherry So, there’s this extensive article from Sunday’s NY Times, “The Man Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement,” which in addition to documenting the various state legislative efforts to deny courts power to consider  Shariah law in settling private disputes, profiles the … Continue reading

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A Modern Day Job

Michelle L 13 You know Job, the Old Testament victim of constant God-inflicted woes.  Well, read this for a modern-day equivalent.  The tale goes something like this: Man receives $8K cashiers check from JP Morgan Chase. Man goes to Chase … Continue reading

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In the U.S., Anyone Can Grow Up to be President …

Sensual Abigail … even those with no respect for the Constitution and who would oppress minorities. Michele Bachmann’s latest outrage.  She has signed Iowa’s FAMiLY Leader‘s “The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence upon MARRIAGE and FAMILY,” a 14 bullet … Continue reading

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Halley Dances 39 Over at the ACLU since I left for Colorado (as one might expect, following is a non-trivial number of entries — and I’m only touching the highlights of mostly civil liberties-related items to be found at the … Continue reading

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Erika 18 This Guy Puts It Nicely Department It’s all very sad, the way we have given away our rights, in fact asking, begging officials to strip them away from us for the sake of feeling a little safer. Much … Continue reading

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City of Brotherly Love

Ashley & Brandi 1-2 I did not post earlier on this matter, wishing to let the dust settle, but Radley Balko’s excellent commentary and outrage — and I mean OUTRAGE — at the unconscionable actions by the Philadelphia District Attorney … Continue reading

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It’s Back!

Heather 17 Last September the doc said the relief I’d experience from the epidural would be temporary, probably about six months.  Eight months later and in fact the pain in my leg is back, meaning that 1) I’d best do … Continue reading

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