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On the Tip of My (Beef) Tongue

Olivia With the Loop 8 An exchange within our family email group among my cousins (and one brother) worth repeating (apologies to any for whom this dredges up unpleasant memories — think of it this way: in our youth beef … Continue reading

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Meg’s Dresses 1-43 [Snippets of news and commentary, some of it even weeks old -- if you already know the news, please forgive the redundancy; perhaps I'll add a new twist, however.] Ansel Adams, True or False Department Most of … Continue reading

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Piling On

Anne 1-3 Wolves smell blood and a pack will home in on a wounded animal in a flash. Vultures can see carrion from thousands of feet in the air. Coyotes will cooperate to down a weakened animal. When human reporters … Continue reading

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Come Back Ted Haggard, Come Back

Olivia With the Loop 3 Two days ago I wrote about the persistence of prejudice against gays. Today I’m writing about a corollary: the persistence of preference for handsome young men (at least) among the Right Wing and Evangelicals. In … Continue reading

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A Perfect Colloquy

Kelley 21 (B&W) Found over on Flickr (click the link to see the offending photo and read responding comments): I was framing this photo when a security guard approached me, huge gold badge polished and sparkling. I was busy, so … Continue reading

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Hypocrites Are So Much Fun

Allison Hypocrites make such wonderful blog subjects. All one must do is point to them, describe their transgressions, and then flip them a verbal bird. Exhibits A1 and A2 today are among my favorites: conservatives who are closet homosexuals (or … Continue reading

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Cameras & Models

Allison Returns 2-16 It’s been coming for some months, ever since she discovered the pleasures of self-portrayal, but now another gal has turned the corner from excellent model to potentially excellent photographer. My favorite young woman, Brooke Lynne. I’ve observed … Continue reading

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What Thou Sowest, So Shall Thou Reap

Lindsey F 2 Gail Collins in yesterday’s NY Times: On behalf of the people of Illinois and New York, I’d like to thank South Carolina for giving us Mark (“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife”) Sanford. Finally, a governor who’s … Continue reading

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