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How Do They Think They Can Get Away With That?

Paige While scanning more prints (and a few negatives and tintypes — I’m actually nearing the end of the task!), I was watching the decently-acted recreation of the demise of the Jesse James and Younger gangs, The Great Northfield, Minnesota … Continue reading

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Daddy, We Hardly Knew Ya

Erin (No, this is not a 9/11 post, although the date and title might lead you to think otherwise.) Ellsworth Haynes.  Born 1909.  Died 1975, of his second heart attack.  Left my mother widowed for thirty-six years, more than 1/3 … Continue reading

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Emily & Christmas Colors 2 Daughter Emily sent me this link, writing: So this guy, Nick Pitera, works at Pixar. He’s a modeler. He also sings, especially Disney songs, and especially when he can do a duet with himself. Kind … Continue reading

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Abigail Mirror Still absorbed in family lore and artifacts. Speaking of which, below a gallery of photos of, respectively, my great grandfather, my great-great grandmother, and my great-great grandfather.  These are all scanned from vintage 19th century silver prints found … Continue reading

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Quiet, Hot, Humid Sunday

Abigail on Satin 26 The Sunday NY Times had an article exploring the U.S. movement to “ban” Shariah law, and its leader, which I’m still reading and about which I will offer some thoughts, but not this morning, where simply … Continue reading

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Edith & Fiona Apple 15 Evolution in Action Department I’ve hiked Yosemite near the top of Vernal Falls.  I’ve seen stupid people playing on the rocks beyond the guard rails.  So I’m not especially surprised by this story, “Yosemite waterfall … Continue reading

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Love Letter

Lindsey & the Statues 6 Patricia and I saw a love letter to Paris yesterday.   Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. To me, perhaps shy only of Annie Hall, it is Allen’s best movie.  Certainly from the standpoint of sheer entertainment.  … Continue reading

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Bridget On this day after July 4, a few postscripts: First, a nice, brief article debunking the social conservatives’ constant refrain that the U.S. is a “Christian nation.”  (Thanks, Jimmie!) Second, if America’s history were presented as a Facebook page, … Continue reading

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Susan 15 Abbreviated again this July 4.  (Happy Independence Day, everyone!). First, however, a well-worth-reading NY Times editorial excoriating the mal-named “Defense of Marriage Act.”  This sums up my feelings, too, about this law: The Defense of Marriage Act was … Continue reading

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Erika 18 This Guy Puts It Nicely Department It’s all very sad, the way we have given away our rights, in fact asking, begging officials to strip them away from us for the sake of feeling a little safer. Much … Continue reading

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