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On a recent trip to North Carolina we stumbled across this cemetery in Beaufort.  The town is small, quaint, historical, and preserved, on the coast, with houses dating back into the 18th century (that we saw).  The graveyard had many photogenic qualities, and stones encompassed two centuries.  Seen were a tiny stone for a child who lived only a day, many stones with flowery inscriptions like that shown above, and several rusted medallions denoted "CSA," which I initially thought meant "Confederate States of America," but instead stood for "Confederate States Army," honoring veterans.  Interestingly, the historical marker outside the cemetery read, "Old Burying Ground - Deeded to town, 1731, by Nathanael Taylor.   Capt. Otway Burns of the War of 1812, Revolutionary and Civil War soldiers buried here"; I thought references to the Civil War in the South usually read "the War of Secession," "the War of Northern Aggression," etc., but not "the Civil War."