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A Selective Portfolio

(Copyright 2001-2011 by Stephen Haynes)

Hello, and welcome to this selective portfolio of nudes I have photographed since 2001.  (I hope you are visiting this page because you are considering modeling for me; even if not, however, please feel free to browse these photos.)  If you wish to model, please contact me!

The following selection illustrates the style of nudes I photograph.   These represent work with over twenty-five of the many great models I've worked with; some of these women were professionals; many were not.  See the section following the thumbnails for a few testimonials.

My goals:  to create and capture beauty (and both of us enjoy the experience); to initiate and explore innovative artistic themes; and to work with models who have a "collaborative spirit," a desire to work with me to create the most compelling photographs imaginable.

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I hope you enjoy my work, and that it brings us together!

Stephen Haynes
Minneapolis, MN

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Testimonials (from models and photographers):

From a professional model with whom I have worked eighteen times:
Stephen is the only photographer I will work with doing nudes now. I've worked with a few others and they all pale in comparison to the work that Stephen and I do. And the reason I love doing this kind of photography is because it fascinates me how beautiful the human form can look when you display it in a beautiful way. No other kind of modeling that I do makes me feel as beautiful and confident as this kind.
And here's what she wrote after our twelfth session:
These photos are truly phenomenal Stephen! I love them. It never ceases to amaze me how you can always come up with new things, and yet I always feel like the most beautiful woman alive when I see the finished images. Thank you!
From a professional model after our third session:
You have stunned me again!!!

I always look at the photos you do of me and can't believe it's me and that I look so beautiful, soft, and spirited...

You've proven to me that I'm not as edge hard as I thought I was. You always capture straight up beauty with me. And I love you for it!!!
From a model whose work with me came in three rapid and highly satisfactory sessions:
You've really been quite a wonderful influence and guide through my participation in this odd hobby, and I thank you sincerely for your patience, advice, and most of all, your confidence in me that propels me to constantly strive to create better art than the previous shoot. I'm blessed to have come to you early in this adventure, and I will be forever molded by our experiences.
From another young woman writing after the third of three sessions in rapid succession:
THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so pleased with how they turned out! I really love the editing you've done ... it's simple but makes the pictures that much more powerful.

Thank you! This was definitely a step in the right direction between us. I'm excited to keep producing & evolving with you! Lets talk soon about our next shoot! :)
From a model whose first nude modeling was with me:
It was truly a pleasure working with you today. I am pleased that my first session was with someone of your calibre. You have a manner about you that is both warm and professional. I was very happy with our work today and am excited about our future shoots... not to mention seeing the results from today!
From a young woman posing nude for the first time, after our session:
The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I had a great time at the shoot. It was a wonderful experience and I would love to do it again if you would like me to. Thank you for the opportunity!
From a young woman who had not posed nude before working with me, after our second session:
I have definitely found a comfort zone in front of the camera. I'm not sure which is more exciting, doing the shoot or seeing the results.
I guess my question now is, when do we get to do this again?? The high that I get from being a part of something so beautiful and artistic is unbelievable. Thank you.
From a model only recently come to fine art nude modeling, after our first session:
I am simply floored. The photos look absolutely wonderful!! It's very hard to pick and choose between them....  Spectacular job, Stephen. You've really captured me in such a beautiful way. I would love it if we could shoot again sometime soon.
From a model with broad experience who had not yet received the photographs she wanted:
The pictures are absolutely phenomenal ....  You were an absolute pleasure to work with. I had so much fun and was very comfortable. These are the pictures I've been looking for.
From a model who had done glamour modeling before working with me:
Your images are beautiful and very tastefully done. I started out in glamour photography, and it was a mistake on my part. It gave me the modeling experience I wanted, but the essence of glamour photography loses the vision of art and becomes all about pushing the limits of nudity to an almost pornographic standpoint, and that's something I'm not willing to do. I'm very comfortable with my body, but not quite that comfortable. However, I don't think glamour photography is about being comfortable in your own skin; it's about wanting to perform sexually for the world. I don't see that as being very artistic.
From that same model following our second session:
These are fabulous photos! I thought the first shoot was great but you definitely keep amazing me. You're an incredible photographer. Seeing these photos makes me feel really beautiful; I never felt like that doing glamour. I'm thoroughly impressed. These are all really great shots.
From a model following two sessions:
Thanks for all of the work you are doing for me.  The photos look!  You are providing me with an outlet I thought was unimaginable--it is truly giving me more courage to unfold and be myself.  You’re the best!
From a model following our second session:
I love the photos that come from our sessions. You're truly a genius.
From a model following our first session:
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Since our sessions I have decided to pursue fine art modeling more seriously; I have already been hired by two local colleges to pose for Life Drawing and Figure Painting classes by merely emailing them the body of work displayed on your site.

Thank you so much for opening so many doors of opportunity within my life, Stephen.

From another (new) model following our first session:
I am also very happy with the results. There are some killer shots there! I'm looking forward to seeing which ones you choose as the best and can't wait to see the final product. You are very talented, and I'd be happy to work with you again.

[And, after seeing the final photos:]

WOW! The photos are totally awesome. What a great job! They are absolutely beautiful, and I feel very good about all of them. I do like the color. Some of them are very dramatic. I like the black and white ones as well. I really don't know what else to say, except that I love it!

And another (new) model following our first session:
I do like how the photos came out and I would definitely work with you again.
From an experienced fine-arts model:
Fabulous. It's strange-I know it's me, but these photos are so incredible, if I saw them on sale, I would want to buy them-I can't believe it's me. You are very, very talented.
From a model:
Thank you for sending me that photo...It turned out beautiful. I can't believe how many of the pics turned out as well as you said they did! I was just hoping that you'd at least be satisfied with maybe 10, 20 if we were lucky. So, WOW.

Thanks for taking such a wonderful photo...It makes ME feel beautiful. (not always an easy task, but you accomplished it well) So thanks a ton for letting me be a part of your artistic vision. Hopefully ... we can do this again....

I can't wait to see the others you are working on. It's similar to the adrenaline rush all over again.

From a 30-something model:
WOW! I am so impressed not only with you but also myself. I was at the Beach club on Sat. and a woman said to me that I would be so happy 20 years from now that you gave me this experience. I am having a great time.  This has been such a rewarding experience for myself.
From a model (immediately following our session):
Today was a new experience and I enjoyed myself. I can't wait to see the results.
From a model who became a collaborator as well as subject:
Thank you for the intense and challenging photo shoot we had last Wednesday.  I came away from our shoot most favorably impressed with your work.
From a semi-professional model after our third session:
Great! You are a master at this!
From a model after our first session:
I'm very pleased with the pictures...they're beautiful. They also give me inspiration to start getting myself back on a workout routine hehe. I'm definitely excited to work with you again. Thanks!
From a professional model after our second session:
When I open galleries that photographers set up to view my photos, I usually will arrive at the page and instantly think..."oh, those are nice...or those are cute...etc" However, there has been a few isolated instances where an audible gasp escapes my lips as I discover how incredibly beautiful the images turned out.

You are two for two :)

These are absolutely incredibly masterful, beautiful photos. I get such a calm feeling viewing if I was just lounging around and you were never here. They are perfect. Thank you for capturing me in such a way that makes me feel that I am truly pretty. (which I very rarely feel)

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From a collector of fine art photography, including my own:
You are an extraordinary photographer. Your creativity virtually explodes in your prints. You have a rarely found sensitivity for situations and your models; your photos make the observer reflect, they tell stories.
From another collector of fine art photography, including my own:
You have wonderful models and you are a sensational photographer -- your nudes are artistic, erotic, and technically superior all at the same time. They are the best I have seen anywhere, anytime.
From a photographer:
Stephen, your work always seems to combine the best elements of perfect technique with a thoughtful, often gentle insight into what makes your subjects human. No matter what the situation, you give them both beauty and dignity.
From a professional photographer:
[Y]ou are one of the more accomplished nude portrait [photographers] I've ever seen.
From a German professional photographer doing nudes in NYC:
[T]he Loops are all perfect . This is a brilliant idea and very well executed !
From a British professional photographer doing nudes in The Netherlands:
You're too good.
From a photographer:
[T]here are a few [of your] images that I wouldn't mind possessing for myself.  I'm slowly building a collection of images from artists I've discovered ... who I think will be Famous in the next few years, and you're at the top of the list! Is there any way I could own a piece of yours?
















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