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These pages contain graphic nudity, albeit artistic and presented in a non-controversial manner.   If you are under 18, if display of nudity is illegal in your jurisdiction, or if you object to nudity you should depart these premises.  Everyone else, welcome!

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Welcome to this introduction to the larger collection of fine art nudes by Stephen Haynes:  Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes.   The larger collection itself includes over 7,000 fine art nude photographs drawn from sessions with many models.  

Newly availableThe Box -- Beauty Constrained.  A book of over 150 images, nudes in a most unusual format.  Click the cover below to see more about this and other artistic nude photography books by Stephen Haynes.

Read my blog, Truth and Justice for All, and view samples of my work.  (Images appearing on the blog are 25% the size of images on the Subscription Site.)

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Beginning June 2003, selected images from the Portfolios appear on the Michelle7 website.

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