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Europe 2010
Roman Empire Cruise

Europe 2010 Paris

Our cruise touched seven ports:  Dubrovnik (Croatia); Corfu, Katakolon (gateway to the ancient site of Olympia), the Aegean island of Santorini, all in Greece; Kuşadasi (Turkey); Athens (for the Acropolis); and Messina (gateway to Taormina).  Each provided photography opportunities, some (Dubrovnik and Santorini) more than others.

Here are the photographs.

Aboard Ship

Ready to Serve


Guarding Dubrovnik

Every Available Space

Real Candles

English Spoken Here

Dubrovnik HDR 1

Day's Laundry

Breaking Through

Dubrovnik HDR 2

Lone Shoe

Stairs 1

Plant on the Table

Ice Cream Break

Waiting for Friend

Oblivious Before Infamy


Monastery Cells

Sunken Hulk 1

Sunken Hulk 2

Sunken Hulk 3

Sunken Hulk 4

Sunken Hulk 5

Sunken Hulk 6

Sunken Hulk 7


Sunken Hulk 8


Olympia Ruins 1

Olympia Ruins 2


First Day of School

Santorini Skyline

Stairs 2

Quintessential Blue

Cliffside Housing

Bells Against the Ocean


Archeologist at Work


Kusadasi Bazaar 1

Between Customers

Kusadasi Bazaar 2

Delivery Boy

Unsure About Pigeons

Playing in the Wake


Playing With Pigeons

Fun in the Trash


Taormina Alley

Taormina Dining

She Doesn't Use Internet


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