The Four Siblings

For nearly all our lives, we fifteen grandchildren were influenced not only by parents and grandparents, but by our aunts and uncles as well.  Bion and Wilma's four children all lived into their 90s or beyond (two of them still going strong), and only since 2010 have we been without all four as loving, tangible and meaningful presences.  They made a remarkable quartet, and family reunions -- large and small -- were always graced by their humor and wisdom.

Fortunately, again thanks to Grandpa's skill and interest in photography from Emily's Day 1, we have a very good record of their youthful years, and then thanks to others, family members or otherwise, a continuing record until only a few years ago.  I've already provided the photos of Emily, mostly in the absence of her siblings.  This collection, however, presents all of the siblings -- solo photos (for those other than Emily) to quartets to larger family gatherings -- and likewise for spouses.  (Larger family reunions since 1945 are generally covered in the section devoted to BLB Families [to come].)

The collections here are:

  1. The aggregate set (over 300 photos);
  2. The Four Siblings together (some with parents);

Then, family photos including:

  1. Bion;
  2. Barbara;
  3. Emily;
  4. Ellsworth;
  5. Janet;
  6. Jackson;
  7. Richard;
  8. Russell;
  9. Signe; and
  10. Wilma.

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