Haynes & Kennard Families

Compared to the wealth of photographs coming to us from the Bates-Sickels or Jackson-Keys lines, the number from the Hayneses and Kennards is relatively sparse.  At this point, I know of no other online collection containing more photos, although I am grateful to second cousin Steven LawsonGatch for photographs of my great grandmother Katherine Langtree and some additional photos of her husband, Ellsworth Dils Haynes. 

Since I am not creating separate collections for each of the two lines, photos where the Hayneses and Kennards overlap may be found only in the aggregate set below.  So, we have three sets here:

  1. The aggregate set;
  2. The Haynes set, including photos of the Langtree line; and
  3. The Kennard set, including photos of the Jeffers and Hampton lines.

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