Emily J. (Bates) Haynes

She's the star of the show.  As first born, in early days of candid and amateur photography, Emily was a frequent subject of her father's camera.  More so, one may venture, than any of her siblings -- a natural consequence, again, of being the eldest. 

I've divided Emily's photos into three periods:

  1. Her youth (from birth in 1911 to graduation from high school in 1928);
  2. Years of independence (1928 to Fall 1944); and
  3. Marriage and widowhood (Fall 1944 to 2011) [to come].

(A small footnote:  in all photos, regardless of date, I refer to Emily Bates or Emily Haynes as "EJH."  It eliminates possible confusion -- not to mention errors in my labeling.)

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