The Haynes Family

Here's the "home turf":  photographs of Emily (Mother), Ellsworth (Father), Stephen, Thomas, Jeffrey and our families, virtually entirely since February 1945.  Since I was first-born, an inordinately and unfairly large number of photos are of me as an infant and child.  Not my fault.  Beyond that, however, we have here a record of our family from Emily and Ellsworth's first reunion date in November 1944, through their wedding, on to Kansas City (with a few including me while living at the grandparents' house in Ovid), then Traverse City, and finally the family home for 50+ years in Beulah, Michigan.  Since 1968, all photos involved visits by one or more of us brothers (later, with our wives and families) to parents, and then after 1975 Emily alone, in Beulah. 

The photo collection.

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