Bion LaMott & Wilma Josephine (Jackson) Bates

Grandparents to us cousins or, as my West Coast cousin is fond of calling them, "The Founders."  They bring together these two extraordinary lines of forebears, joining families of Bates, Jackson, Keys, Beebe, Goodrich, Sickels, Cobb and Robinson.  We know more about some of the branches than others, and thanks to collections of photos retained by relatives, I've been able to build a rather substantial database of photographs of those who have gone before, in the Bates-Sickels and Jackson-Keys collections.

Recently (in part due to the collections of correspondence and documents surfacing in the course of this project) we have had an opportunity to bring even more of Bion and Wilma's lives to the fore.  Much of that lore remains locked in correspondence that has been saved.  Some has been disseminated, however, and will eventually be included as part of the History and the Correspondence sections.

Here, meanwhile, are photos, as follows:

  1. The aggregate set of photos of Bion, Wilma, both of them together, or with others;
  2. Photos including Bion alone or only Bion & Wilma; and
  3. Photos including Wilma alone or only Bion & Wilma.

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