Drive to and from California
July & August 2017 
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A new grandson born in July in California was the excuse for a six-day cross-country drive through States of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico (only a tiny corner), Arizona, Nevada (the southern corner), and ending near Los Angeles.  After five days with the California daughter and family, my wife and I (she had flown out earlier) drove back, taking the speedy route on I-15, 70, 76, 80, and then state roads up to Minneapolis from Grand Island, Nebraska -- in four days.

Sights seen along the way:


Grain to Ethanol

A Nebraska Junk Yard:  Farm Equipment

Driving Through Trump Country

Cows 1

Cows 2

Killing Fields


Great Sand Dunes 1

Great Sand Dunes 2

Great Sand Dunes 3

Mesa Verde Hidden Dwelling

Do Indians Gamble?

Dump No Ashes Here

Visiting Four States in Four Steps

Compass Reading

Biker Selfie

Grand Canyon 1

Grand Canyon 2

Grand Canyon 3

Grand Canyon 4