A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257

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A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257

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A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257

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A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257 is now available in either softcover book or digital PDF format.  Purchase either (or both, I suppose) depending on whether you want a copy you can carry and read anywhere or you want the less expensive version to read on your computer.  (See below for reviews and comments on a number of respected blogs.)

If you photograph the nude, fashion, or glamour in an "edgy" fashion, if your photography ever touches on explicit nudity or subjects of eroticism or sexuality, effective March 18, 2009, you are subject to new Federal regulations that require you to keep meticulous records. REGARDLESS WHETHER YOU EVER PUBLISH THE PHOTOS. "A Photographer's Guide" analyzes Section 2257, its statutes, and the regulations, and from it you will learn what you must do to comply. Discusses the "safe harbor" certification which you may use. Includes an Appendix containing the full set of regulations implementing Section 2257 effective March 18, and an Update Service keeping you current on developments in the law. Written by retired attorney/photographer Stephen Haynes, a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, and a photographer of the nude since 2001.

Purchase using the buttons at the top of this page.  If you purchase the PDF version, you will be automatically registered for the Update Service, still provided free for book owners.  The first issue of the Guide's Update Service was sent April 1. 

Reviews and Comments

From Carolyn Wright's "PhotoAttorney" blog

Stephen Haynes has published a book entitled, 'A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257.' Haynes is a retired attorney and photographs nudes. In his book, Haynes does a good job of examining the law as it applies to photographers and helps to explain in everyday language what photographers need to do to comply with the law. Note that Haynes' language in the book is raw and his political views are clear. But if you're a photographer whose work may come under section 2257, then both of these resources are worth your study.

From Jimmy D's "Pretty Girl Shooter" blog

As is often the case with many laws and regulations and statutes we must comply with, 2257 can be more than a little confusing. But there's good news! At least one photographer has put it all together in a way that lays bare (pun intended) 2257's compliance demands and gives you all the info you need, in an easily digestible way, to help you sleep easier knowing you can pursue your art while staying out of jail.

That photographer is Stephen Haynes and he's written a book titled, 'A Photographers Guide to Section 2257: How to Photograph Nudes and Stay Out of Federal Prison.'

Why do I believe Haynes' book does what I claim it does? I've read it, of course.

And so should you.

'A Photographers Guide to Section 2257' puts it all together in layman's terms. You don't need to be a doctor of Jurisprudence, aka a lawyer, to understand what 2257 means to you and your craft and how best to comply with it. It's the most thorough explanation of 2257 I've read--a handy-dandy reference-resource, if you will--as it applies to this thing we do (this pretty girl shooting, photography, thing) and its relationship with the law.

If you're a pretty girl shooter and you're smart, which I know many of you are both, you'll take the time to learn all you can about 2257 and how to steer clear of its severe penalties for non-compliance. One easy and economical way to do that is to purchase Haynes's comprehensive book.

If you're interested in getting your grubby hands on a copy of Haynes' important, exhaustively-researched, and well-written book, 'A Photographers Guide to Section 2257: How to Photograph Nudes and Stay Out of Federal Prison,' you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

From SB's "The Sensual 5-7-5 at Every 7 Seconds" blog

Look what came in the mail last night. I finally got Stephen's book and started reading it on the bus to and from work. I will get my early review of it out of the way first. I have read about half of it and here are some of my thoughts.

I work in a highly-regulated industry (big pharma) and have read my fair share of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs). They are dry, boring, dense, confusing, and too often vague. Stephen's book helps make the CFRs concerning nude photography (2257 and other numbers) understandable. His interpretations are down-to-earth and well thought out. As a small time photographer of nudes (very different than a nude photographer... I doubt too many models would like to see a nude guy behind the camera) I need this book and highly recommend it.

Here are my first impressions of 2257. Stephen, as well as a friend of mine who is in the UC Berkeley school of law summarized one aspect of 2257 well. It is a "chiller." It will chill the enthusiasm of the photographer since the burden of documentation is so high. Most will abandon the daunting project of CYA in terms of this law.

So, how compliant am I with 2257? After reading a bit of the book, I would say I am ok, but not bullet proof. The problem is that saying I am sort of protected is like saying I am sort of pregnant. I definitely need to get some things better organized and controlled. I am comforted to know that I have the basic model information documented and saved.

From Unbearable Lightness's "What We Saw Today" blog

Stephen Haynes provides an Update Service for those who have purchased A Photographer's Guide to Section 2257. I received my first update this morning and am just now printing out the pages.

I again want to suggest models and photographers buy this book. Joe said this morning that he is busy reading his copy. It's easy to get your copy. Just click here.

I am asked many questions by photographers who have heard nothing or next-to-nothing about 2257, and I cannot begin to adequately describe to anyone the statute and its implications. I'm not a lawyer, just a beleaguered model. I am already turning over the corners on some pages of my copy.

No, I'm not getting a kickback on Stephen's book sales. I just want our arts community to become fully informed, if only for the selfish reason I would like to see informed discussions of 2257 - and not just on WHAT WE SAW TODAY but here and there and everywhere. This statute has indeed come in under the radar.

From Dave Levingston's "Exposed for the Shadows" blog

If you do nude photography you need to read this book. It is clear and easy to understand. It gives a good overview of the requirements of the new 2257 regulations and how they may or may not affect your work. There is a lot of foolishness out on the web about this law. Stephen's book is well researched and well written. The law itself is clearly unconstitutional, as I've said in my rant about it, but it is now the law in the US and will remain the law until the courts finally declare it unconstitutionally broad and throw it out. That can't happen soon enough. But until then this book will help you make a rational decision about how you are going to react to this violation of our constitutional rights as Americans.